Twin Over Twin Loft Bed With Desk And Storage

Jun 24th

Twin over twin loft bed with desk and storage are simply loft beds, which have a twin bed, mounted on top of another twin bed. These beds are a common feature of most children rooms since these beds save you precious space which is required in the children rooms because generally children rooms are made small. Hostels, dormitories, summer camps, ships, army garrisons and even in jail cubicles; you shall find these twin over twin loft bed with desk and storage at all places faced with scarcity of space.

Many of you who have already finalized upon the décor of your room and are wondering which bed to opt such that it would not hamper your plans, you could buy a twin over twin loft bed with desk and storage in antique walnut – Columbia . This traditional walnut bed is so designed to blend with the requirements of any room easily. The solid loft bed with a strong mortise and tenon construction scores high on account of durability. Safety of the occupants is taken care of by the excellent wooden framework with numerous metal crossties. All round guard railings on the top loft ensures that your child is equally secure both on the top loft and the bottom loft. The wood stains finish of this bed it also one that is easy to maintain.

For those of you who are looking out for a more stylish piece of furniture, you can choose the twin over twin loft bed with desk and storage in natural maple – Richmond. This loft bed with its elegant arches is sure to steal your heart away. It is much more than an ordinary loft bed. Unlike several other ordinary loft beds, this twin over twin loft bed with desk and storage is made of solid wood and not of composite particleboard. Its design includes steel enforcements at almost all the joints for better support and an enhanced lifespan. It also offers you the option of buying a matching nightstand with it.

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