The Fun Full Size Loft Bed With Slide

Jun 19th

Full Size Loft Bed With Slide – If you have children you may be surprised at some of the new furniture designs created especially for children. Among these fun and imaginative creations you will find the full size loft bed with slide. The slide is incorporated into the design of the frame along with the traditional ladder. Most of these beds will be designed with some type of fun theme such as a fort or castle. The lower section will have a fabric enclosure with another tent like enclosure placed on the top.

Some of the castle designs will include a tower at the foot end of the frame, which is where the slide’s chute extends from. The fort style created for boys also uses fabric sections to create the look of an outdoor camping tent. This design will also have the bottom loft enclosed and chute children can slide down on the foot end of the unit. Some other variations on products with the full size loft bed with slide include an army tent item and a basic loft tent. The materials used to create the frame on this type of designer children’s bed will vary.

Some of the frames will be constructed of wood, while others are made out of metal tubing. The basic design will also include the safety rails used for the upper loft. Some full size loft bed with slide will place the ladder at the head and the chute at the foot. While other models will reverse this design. All of these items will require some assembly and vary in price according to the materials used and the amount of features it comes with. If your child likes playing games of pretend with a friend this particular piece of furniture will greatly enhance their imaginative game play.

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